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Time is TBD
Sportzwagen Virtual Arena

About the Event

Rules and Regulations

  • Age between 15 - 25.
  • You must have a carrom board of normal size.
  • Total 19 coins, 9 white, 9 black and 1 red.
  • Only one person can participate at a time. This is a freestyle carrom challenge.
  • Points: White Coin 2 points and Black Coin 1 point and 5 points to red coin.
  • Total time 3 minutes to play.
  • The winner will be the person who earns maximum points within 3 minutes time.
  • You can take assist of one person to take stricker from the opposite side of the carrom board if needed.
  • Play from anypart of the world. You must have a carrom board of normal size (not the kids one) and have a good network connection.
  • Participants must arrange the coins around the Queen, alternating the black and white pieces in a circle.. Everything must be set and arranged properly before joining the meeting.
  • Place the mobile or camera in such a way to get full visibilty of the carrom board and you while playing.
  • Decision of the judges will be the final.
  • Play with the real sportsman spirit.
  • The event will go live on facebook.
  • Do some trials before the event and make sure about the good network coverage.
  • The participants must come online and play live on time.
  • The meeting invite for the event will be shared to each participants well in advance.

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