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Time & Location

Time is TBD
Sportzwagen Virtual Arena

About the Event

Rules and Regulation

  • Total 16 Teams, Each team consist of 3 players from same location.
  • 3 overs per team
  • Total 27 matches
  • Play using dice. Dice sides will decide the runs, no ball and the out.
  • 2 teams from different place compete each other.
  • Through toss, it will decide which team should play first.
  • Each Player do batting by rolling the dice.
  • Each side of dice denotes as follows: 6 dots- Sixer, 4 dots- Four runs, 5 dots- out, 2 dots- 2 runs, 1 dot- 1run and 3 dots- no runs.
  • Each player has to play each over. If any player go out, the balance of that over will be played by next player.

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